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Values Ambassador: Emily Anderson

Heartspring Occupational Therapist Emily Anderson Heartspring Occupational Therapist Emily Anderson

Occupational Therapist and Interdisciplinary Team Lead Emily Anderson has been at Heartspring for more than six years. Her positive attitude, commitment to the children she has to her clients and families, and willingness to support Heartspring initiatives outside her department are the reasons why Director of Marketing Samantha Anderson nominated Emily to be the values ambassador of the month.

Why did you nominate Emily?

I felt like she’d be a good candidate for a while, but the spark to nominate her specifically at this time was from her quick response to Julie Noller’s request for help with the art show at Family Weekend. That very day she responded saying she’d love to help. That is just indicative of how she always goes outside her department to support Heartspring. She volunteers or participates in most of Heartspring’s events supporting Heartspring in more of her day-to-day activities.

Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity, when working on various stories, to see Emily in action with her clients and families, and it is truly heartwarming to watch. You can tell she has a special bond with her clients that helps her propel them toward gains and results. I feel like every time I attend a session, she is trying something new.

What is she like to work with?

I mainly get to work with Emily when she participates in a video or a story. She is excellent at explaining complex therapies or theories and making them accessible to everyone.

How much do you think her work impacts the children and families we serve?

In her day-to-day work, she works directly with students helping them gain independence and meet important milestones. On top of that life-changing work, she supports these families financially by volunteering at events like CAREfest.

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