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Values Ambassador: Eric Houser

Learn More About This Third-Shift Standout

Eric Houser Eric Houser

Eric Houser is one of our third-shift workers and has been with Heartspring for about six months. The work he’s done on the overnight shift inspired Third Shift Supervisor Stephanie Taylor and Third Shift Assistant Supervisor Crystal Nase to nominate him as a values ambassador for the value of service. Learn more about Eric in their Q&A below.

Why did you nominate Eric?

He has dedicated a lot of time, patience, and sensitivity to a student that has been in a time of crisis for some time now. Eric has provided excellent care for this student and has helped daily in his transition to school.

What are some examples of him going above and beyond?

Even before Eric came to third shift, he would come in early to help get up some of the most difficult students. Although Eric's placement is in another house, he comes over every morning to help a student successfully start his day. He also picks up an extra shift every Sunday so he can continue this routine on Monday mornings when he could be spending his time at home on his day off.

What’s his relationship with the students like?

He has built a strong bond with this student and has built trust. Because of Eric's dedication and willingness to go above and beyond, we have seen great success and improvements in this student's morning behavior.

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