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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Shelby Treft

Portrait of Shelby Treft Portrait of Shelby Treft

Behavior Specialist Shelby Treft is November's Values Ambassador.

We sat down with Rachel Willard-Waterhouse and asked her why she nominated Shelby. 

How does Shelby go above and beyond?

Shelby is simply amazing, you can ask anyone who has had the pleasure of working with her. She’s always willing and eager to help others out. Recently, she was working on task items for another group home. She saw me in the office and handed me a stack of folder tasks for my group home as well. This is not something she had to do, but she took her own time to get these items together for a group home she is not responsible for, and it was very much appreciated. She is always volunteering for things; she recently escorted a student home and took another student to Walmart for the first time in a long time. She is also always coming out to the group homes and offering support. She will even take the time to take a student on a walk or play a game with them.

How does her work impact students and their families? 

Shelby always makes the students and their families her top priority, not because she must, but because she is amazing! Her love for these students goes beyond her job duties, Shelby embodies excellence, and we are so grateful for her work.


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