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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Amari Gilliard

By: Heartspring Marketing

Values Ambassador Spotlight: Amari Gilliard Values Ambassador Spotlight: Amari Gilliard

In just seven short months, our March Values Ambassador has developed an eye for details, and that eye saved a student's life. Congratulations to Home Paraeducator Amari Gilliard! We interviewed Off Campus Supervisors Dana Trombley, Cindy Irvin, and Julie Hughes on the event that led to Amari's nomination.

Why was Amari nominated?

We nominated her for her great attention to detail and the care she shows students. A student was having a medical emergency but was showing very little signs of distress. Her attention to the small change in the student saved that student's life.

Do you have any examples of her going above and beyond?

Amari was working with a student who recently moved to the home where she was working. She was still getting to know the student when she recognized that the student seemed a little off and showed signs of not feeling well. She remained calm and contacted a supervisor and nursing. Due to a concerning vital, the student needed emergency medical intervention. Amari stayed with the student until the student was out of the emergency state. When a supervisor told Amari, she did awesome she said she was just doing her job.

What is she like to work with?

She is flexible in working in any environment, and she is positive, professional, and punctual. She has a calm demeanor and works well with the students. She promotes independence in our students by following the plans as written.

How much do you think her work impacts the children and families we serve?

Not only did she save a student's life, the work Amari does with our students changes lives every day. I can't say enough about what a great asset she is to Heartspring and our students.

Congratulations, Amari, on this well-deserved nomination! Thank you for your determination and commitment to our mission.

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