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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Cassidy Hardin

By: Heartspring Marketing

Values Ambassador Spotlight: Cassidy Hardin Values Ambassador Spotlight: Cassidy Hardin

Our January Values Ambassador always looks for opportunities to make Heartspring better and does so with a positive attitude and an unwavering commitment to our mission. Congratulations to Facility Coordinator Cassidy Hardin!

Cassidy started her career at Heartspring as a paraeducator in our group homes. In 2020, she joined the facilities team to support the organization's efforts to provide a safe and clean campus for the families we serve. In the age of COVID-19, Cassidy's dedication has been pivotal in protecting the health of our staff, families, clients, and students.

“Cassidy consistently goes above and beyond,” says Director of Facilities Mary Huber. “She always looks to take on new tasks or figure out something on her own. I have called her my ‘Radar’ because she always seems to be on my same wavelength and knows exactly what I need at the right time.”

Whether she is staying late to help the carpet cleaning company develop a schedule for the new cleaning person, setting up access control systems, or training staff on how to use the Zono machine, Cassidy takes the lead and gets things done.

“[She] is a JOY to work with,” says Huber. “Her experience from working in the group homes has been invaluable, as she can see how things might affect our students and clients. She has their best interest in mind whenever she is given a task to do.”

Congratulations, Cassidy, on this well-deserved nomination! Thank you for your work and passion for our mission.

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