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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Susan Thornburg

By: Heartspring Marketing

Values Ambassador Spotlight: Susan Thornburg Values Ambassador Spotlight: Susan Thornburg

To know Susan Thornburg is to love her.

Susan has supported the administration building since 2018. If you look through each Heartspring Herald since then, you will likely find a Winning Way about Susan. And it will always reference her friendliness and positivity. Sometimes even making jokes about Susan’s joyous spirit first thing in the morning (before many of us have finished our first cup of coffee.)

Susan’s nominator said it best:

“Susan greets every single person who walks in the administration building. She is consistently kind, consistently helpful, and literally lifts the energy in the room. People come in and go out with many things on their minds—our thoughts are filled with tasks to complete, burdens we carry, and just the limitation of time to get everything done. Susan greets us by name. She makes taking our temperature a fun and sometimes humorous event. She remembers things about us. She cares. She is Heartspring.”

Susan is the first face many people see coming in the front doors at Heartspring. Whether it is first thing Monday morning, a hot August afternoon, or a gloomy January winter day, with a contagious smile and laugh, Susan brings warmth and joy everywhere she goes.

This is why Susan was nominated for Values Ambassador of the Month, and it is why she was selected. Susan lives all our values, but she exudes celebration. Simply, the celebration of each new day.

Susan, thank you for greeting us by name, thank you for asking about our kids and our pets, thank you for always having an extra mask, and thank you for genuinely caring about each person that walks in the door.

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