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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Tara Dockter

Portrait of Tara Dockter Portrait of Tara Dockter

Nominated By: Rachel Willard-Waterhouse

Value: Leadership

Tara Dockter is an amazing leader. She is always going above and beyond to ensure not only that her house is good but all the other houses on campus. She takes it upon herself to check on houses that don't have supervisors. She oftentimes will have her house go down staff to staff other homes that are low staff and don't have a supervisor that day. She is always offering advice and guidance to the other home supervisors on campus. Her door is always open and oftentimes someone is going to her for an answer to a problem.

She is the one we go to when we need help. Although it is the responsibility of all home supervisors to help other homes, Tara always steps up to the plate without being asked. Tara is always recruiting people to work weekends. She takes her time to walk through every home talking and building relationships with staff across campus. She does a lot of the recruitment for subs on the weekend. Tara is a mentor to many of us superiors on campus and that because she is an amazing leader and exemplifies that every day.


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