Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Applied Behavior Analysis

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program uses evidence-based, individualized treatments to help children thrive. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) specialize in providing techniques to reduce challenging behavior. These services can include one-on-one therapy, parent collaboration, and social skills groups

Our Applied Behavior Analysis services include:

  • An experienced team of a BCBAs, autism specialists, and behavior technicians
  • In-depth assessment and evaluation of your child’s needs
  • Individualized treatments to meet goals in the following areas:
    • Receptive, expressive, and nonverbal language
    • Joint attention and imitation skills
    • Social and recreation/leisure skills
    • Community and group readiness skills
    • Family environment training and development
    • Concept formation skills
    • Self-help and independent living skills
    • Gross and fine motor development

Our Therapy Model

Our program offers intensive intervention based on the principles of ABA. Children receive 10-40 hours of therapy a week. A significant portion of therapy time is focused on individualized program goals.

As a result of one-on-one therapy in a controlled environment, your child can practice and respond to treatment goals at a higher frequency than if he/she received therapy services in a natural environment.

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