Ammar is one of those people who can just make your day when you see him. He’ll greet you cheerfully when you run into him in the hall with a big smile and excited voice. Once you’ve met his family, it’s not hard to tell where he gets his energetic personality from--it’s something he and his mother share.

Samina is one of Ammar’s biggest advocates and fans. She truly cares for her son. So much that when Ammar began having seizures and behaviors she quit a job she loved to stay home with him. However, this wasn’t enough. They didn’t have the resources they needed at home. So, even though it wasn’t an easy decision, they looked for a residential placement for Ammar. It was hard for Samina to send her son far away, but she knew it was what was best for her son and her family. Eventually, the search for the right place led to Heartspring. Even though it was further away than what Samina had hoped for, she decided to take a tour anyway.

“The feeling that I got when I went to Heartspring and started looking around was friendly, warm, open and uncluttered,” Samina said. “I knew that those were all things that Ammar responded really well to. I could really envision him being there.”

Ammar had found a home where he could be safe. A home where he could grow and make gains never thought possible. The team at Heartspring was able to help Ammar with his seizures and behaviors. That opened doors for Ammar to make gains in other areas of his life.

“We found out that these people who work here, the paraeducators, are just amazing people,” Samina said. “They can take care of our son. We thought we were the only people who could take care of him. He is so happy here. He loves being here.”

Just a few months ago Ammar and his mother, Samina, had a conversation over Skype. It was a conversation that meant the world to Samina. Ammar spoke with his mother about his day, what he did and where he went. He talked about other students and important topics like animals and Halloween and even asked his mother questions. This was the first conversation like this that Ammar and his mother have had in his life. The conversations between the two over the phone or on Skype have gone from non-existent to lasting more than 20 minutes. These chats are so meaningful to Samina. She cries because it’s so unbelievable to her that they can sit and have a conversation together.

“I think our most special times are when we Skype and he’s actually talking with us and he’s sharing things he’s done in his day,” Samina said. “That just fills my heart.”

Thanks to Heartspring, Ammar and his family continue to grow. Ammar continues to make gains every day and his family is able to get to know him in a whole new way.

Published 2017/01/05


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