Legacy, Memorial, and Honorary Giving

Memorial & Honorary Giving

This is a heartfelt way to contribute in honor of someone special. Celebrate the memory of a loved one, mark an important occasion or achievement or give a unique holiday or birthday gift. Your thoughtful gesture will be appreciated.

Memorial and Honorary Gifts

A memorial or honorary gift to Heartspring is a way to pay tribute to a family member, friend or loved one. Memorial gifts ensure a person’s legacy will endure at Heartspring. Honorary gifts celebrate an individual’s connection to Heartspring.

Heartspring tribute gifts provide an opportunity to:

  • Celebrate the memory of a loved one.
  • Contribute in honor of someone special.
  • Donate in honor of a special occasion or celebration.
  • Recognize an important achievement.
  • Give a unique birthday or holiday gift.

Heartspring is honored to help families establish opportunities to create a lasting legacy for their loved ones.

If you’d like to give a memorial or honorary gift, please contact:

Taylor Erb

Taylor Erb

Development Manager