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Thank you, Heartspring Staff

A message from Board of Trustees Chair Mike Flores

Dear Heartspring Employees, When I joined the board eight years ago as “the accountant,” I, like other board members, was excited at the opportunity to serve.  All I ever hoped to ... Read More



The Dreaded Grocery Store Tantrum

Tips and tricks to minimize - and cope with - the stress that comes with tantrums

As businesses are opening up, we are venturing out. Our children have been homebodies. Returning our kiddos to daily activities, especially young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other speci... Read More



My Heartspring Journey

Heartspring shaped my life, my goals, and my future.

I was once a small child receiving services at Heartspring. My personal journey began with complications in my ears and numerous ear infections that led to tubes to allow me to hear properly. After I ... Read More



Values Ambassador Spotlight: Shem Hatfield

Training Supervisor Shem Hatfield is a Heartspring powerhouse. Whether it's helping create new tools for employee training, helping train young leaders, volunteering at events, or designing new... Read More



Managing Emotions and the COVID-19 Opportunity

Managing Emotions As parents/caregivers, we find ourselves caught in the cycle. You know, the one where we say, "You need to calm down." Think about it. Does it work for you? As an adult,... Read More


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