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2020 Election: Your Voice Matters

Know your rights and responsibilities when it comes to voting.

By: Rachel Mayberry, Heartspring Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

2020 Election: Your Voice Matters 2020 Election: Your Voice Matters

At Heartspring, we advocate for every voice to be heard. As we approach the 2020 election in the next few weeks, we want to remind you that your voice matters, too.

For some of us, this is our first time to vote. For others, we are veteran voters. No matter how much experience you have voting, we want to make sure you have the resources to understand this year’s election. At the bottom, you will find the State of Kansas Voter's Rights and Responsibilities.

First, make sure you are registered to vote if you plan on casting your ballot.

  • In Kansas, the deadline to register to vote is October 13. If you plan to vote, you can check if you are registered here.
  • You can register to vote here

Second, make a list of your values, concerns, and beliefs.

  • Research the candidates on your ballot to determine who most closely aligns with your concerns, values, and beliefs. Remember, no candidate will be perfect so don’t be discouraged!
  • We each have the right to vote, but we also have the responsibility to be informed before casting our ballot. You can find the candidates running in your area here.  

Third, make your plan to vote.

  • In Kansas, the deadline to request a mail-in ballot is October 27. It must be postmarked on or before November 3 and received by November 6. Unlike other states, you will need to request a mail-in ballot if you intend to vote this way.
  • You can also vote early at select polling places or wait until the big day, November 3. If you plan to vote in-person, be prepared to wear a mask and a disposal glove in order to use the touch screens. There may even be longer than normal wait times to vote due to increased voter turn-out and extra precautions keeping poll workers safe.
  • For more information about voting, visit the Kansas Secretary of State page.

As in any year, be prepared — make sure you are registered, make a list of your values, and make your plan.

Now, get out there and exercise your voice!

Voter Rights PDF

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