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Bennett's Victory

By: Heartspring Marketing

Bennett's Victory Bennett's Victory

One day, Bennett surprised his staff.

In the middle of the night, he walked out of his bedroom and went directly to an employee. He pointed to a page in his Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) book that read “BATHROOM,” successfully signaling that in that moment, he needed to use the bathroom.

This was a major victory for Bennett. Life before Heartspring was tough for him, and as a young adult with nonverbal autism, he felt stuck and stifled in his ability to connect with others. Due to a lack of a consistent AAC system during his life, there were severe communication hurdles he needed to overcome.

But with the help of his speech therapists, he did it. Today, he uses his communication book to express that he is hungry, clarify the snacks and drinks he wants, and even communicate the leisure items and activities his heart desires.

For Heartspring, this is a monumental speech therapy accomplishment. But for Bennett, it’s just the start -- a start of a life-changing journey towards his happiness and independence.

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