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Q&A With An ISP Courtney Kellogg

An Inside Look At Heartspring

Q&A With An ISP Courtney Kellogg Q&A With An ISP Courtney Kellogg

We sat down with one of our individual support providers (ISPs), Courtney Kellogg, what her job looks like. Learn all about it in her Q&A below!

What exactly does an ISP do?

An ISP has the privilege and honor of working one-on-one with kids with autism. Our job really varies day to day and client to client. We work a lot on teaching kids with autism daily skills that we take for granted. It's a very hands-on job. You're with the child throughout the day. My schedule fluctuates hour to hour, day by day.

Do you have an average day and, if so, what does it look like?

I see anywhere from probably three to six kids a day, sometimes less, sometimes more depending on my schedule. It's hard to say that each day is the same just because each child is different. You're not going to get the same day. Your Monday is not going to be like your Tuesday.

What are some of your favorite parts of the job?

My coworkers are great. I love them. I feel very lucky to be on the team that I'm on working with the kids. Seeing growth within the kids is probably one of the greatest things you'll ever experience. Some days the job is really hard. But, when you see progress and you get to move up in a goal, or a kid goes to the bathroom for the first time, it's just a big deal. Every little thing is a big deal. What sort of skills or milestones can you help children accomplish through ABA? There's a wide range--a lot of its social interaction. Learning how to imitate people, potty training, dressing independently down to asking questions.

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