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Spirit Day of Giving 2020

Every year, Spirit AeroSystems employees bring holiday cheer to the Heartspring campus.

By: Heartspring Marketing

For years, Spirit AeroSystems employees have volunteered their time and resources to help Heartspring students celebrate the holidays. 

It’s a holiday tradition: every fall, teams of volunteers get together to donate ‘adopt’ our classrooms, donate funds, start fundraisers, and go shopping for gifts for Heartspring students. Once mid-December comes around, Spirit volunteers, accompanied by Santa, visit Heartspring to watch students smile and gleam with happiness as they open their presents at a special event which has endearingly come to be known as Spirit Day of Giving.

But 2020 was different. Due to COVID-19, Heartspring’ residential school has remained closed to visitors for months – and this meant neither students nor Spirit employees could have the normal Spirit Day of Giving experience.

Though different, Spirit Day of Giving 2020 was a fun and cheerful experience for all. 

Spirit volunteers delivered presents to the front entrance of the school, and Santa picked up the gifts in a golf cart disguised as a sleigh. Then, with the help of two Spirit volunteers and Heartspring’s development and maintenance teams, these gifts were dropped off at each group homes. 

Despite not getting to hug, bump fists, high-five, or exchange smiles with employees or Santa this year, Heartspring students loved the experience – and they got to share their happiness with their families, who joined them in opening the gifts through Zoom. 

Thank you, Spirit AeroSystems, for uplifting our spirits and spreading holiday cheer every year - especially during a challenging year. We are grateful for your kindness and generosity, and we thank you for your support! 

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