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Values Ambassador: Special Education Teacher Darrell Daugherty

Learn more about Darrell's leadership.

Portrait of Darrell Daugherty Portrait of Darrell Daugherty

Darrell Daugherty is this month’s values ambassador. He was nominated Darrell because of his great attitude and ability to build connections with staff members as well as students. He is a strong leader within our organization, and we are incredibly grateful for him and everything he brings to his role. Learn more about Darrell in Kayla’s Q&A.

Why did you nominate Darrell?
I would say Darrell sets the standard for what it means to be a good teacher and leader. Every day he comes in with a great attitude and greets the students and staff with a welcoming smile and a fist bump. Darrell asks questions about his staff and gets to know everyone on a deeper level than just manager/employee. He makes time to be in the classroom. If that means checking emails, he'll do it while sitting with a student. He'll swoop in if a student is having a rough day and their staff needs a break. When Darrell is not on a call or in a meeting he is in the classroom, checking emails, working with the students, or helping with behaviors.

What is Darrell like to work with?
Darrell is a team player. He listens to his staff when they express concerns during and outside of crisis situations. He trusts his team and respects his team enough to make difficult decisions in his absence. Most importantly, Darrell asks questions and attempts to fully understand any situation. When he wants something done in a particular way or if a specific goal hasn't been run properly, Darrell shows his staff how to do it and WHY we should do it. Darrell never asks staff to perform duties that are not within their job description.

How much do you think his work impacts the children and families we serve?
Darrell's work with the students specifically is one forged out of respect. The students look forward to seeing Darrell, sitting with him, or even going on short walks to the printer. Darrell listens to each student and acknowledges how they feel.

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