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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Keely Pennington

Portrait of Keely Pennington Portrait of Keely Pennington

Nominated by: Tristen Moore, CARE Coordinator

Value: Service

From Tristen: The more I find out about Keely the more impressed with her I am. She works third shift in the homes but also dips her toes in every other capacity you can think of. She really exemplifies Heartspring One.

Keely works with residential students during night shift, but she also works with school/residential students for a few hours a week assisting Julie in the art room. She preps and creates take-home packets and classroom packets not only for the school students but sometimes also for Outpatient Services. On top of that, she has been consistent with giving the CARE volunteers things to do and has helped make their volunteer experience more meaningful. She is also starting to assist with monthly CARE events as well! And she does all this with wonderful care and compassion. Her service, excellence, hard work and dedication to ALL of Heartspring is incredibly admirable.

Each month, Heartspring employees nominate co-workers to be honored as Values Ambassador. Nominees are recognized for going above and beyond their normal responsibilities to exemplify Heartspring’s values of Excellence, Celebration, Leadership, Service, Possibility and Integrity.


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