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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Julie Hughes

By: Heartspring Marketing

Values Ambassador Spotlight: Julie Hughes Values Ambassador Spotlight: Julie Hughes

It should come as no surprise that G7-9 Home Coordinator Assistant Julie Hughes was selected as this month's Values Ambassador. She has been consistently nominated by her team for living the Heartspring Values. We interviewed several people about Julie's nomination.

Why was Julie nominated?

Julie embodies so many of Heartspring's values! As a staff, Julie works hard and engages with her students during fun activities like games, cooking, and art. As a leader, Julie is SUPER positive with staff. She always thanks staff for their efforts and notices when someone goes the extra mile during a shift.

Do you have any examples of her going above and beyond?

Recently, we had a medical emergency with a student off-campus. Julie worked quickly and effectively to make sure the student was getting the help they needed and that the other students were taken care of in an extremely stressful situation. Julie provided leadership and calmness to everyone. Afterwards, she sent an email to thank people who came to help them. She ALWAYS shows appreciation for others.

What is she like to work with?

Julie motivates us to raise the bar through Excellence because she never fails to compliment staff for the little things like praising students or taking on an extra cleaning project. This positive reinforcement doesn't stop with staff. She talks to every student when she comes through the house, and she loves on all of them.

The best part about Julie is how well she balances being a supervisor and a team player. She's not afraid to ask staff about details concerning routines and student preferences. She listens and relates to our human side which is a huge booster for morale.

How much do you think her work impacts the children and families we serve?

Julie puts her heart and soul into serving our students and staff with excellence. She cares so much about our students and others. She also has taken on a guardianship role of an adult with special needs in another residential program. Julie truly wants to help people, and that is obvious in everything she does.

Congratulations, Julie, on this well-deserved nomination! Thank you for your positivity and passion for our mission.

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