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Values Ambassador Spotlight: Scotland Lamb

By: Heartspring Marketing

Values Ambassador Spotlight: Scotland Lamb Values Ambassador Spotlight: Scotland Lamb

It takes a village to pull off events at Heartspring. With her drive, work ethic, passion, and positivity, Scotland Lamb, Heartspring Database Manager, was named this month's Values Ambassador. We spoke with Special Events Coordinator Megan Schapaugh about why she nominated Scotland.

Why did you nominate Scotland?

Scotland is always willing to go above and beyond her job duties. She was essential during the end of May to early June. We had three major events, and she knocked them all out with a fun and positive attitude the entire time.

Do you have any examples of her going above and beyond?

Oh so many. We had three major events taking place in the span of about 10 days – Scotland was all in on testing for the CAREfest registration to help make sure that process was as smooth as it could be. For Light Your Heart this year, we made the decision to implement a new software, Text2Bid. Scotland completely owned that technology, and it was a huge success for our guests. She helped get our auctioneer settled and familiar with the technology, as well as took a lot of my plate in terms of hosting our first hybrid gala! She is always looking at ways to make our lives easier in our jobs, and I'm so grateful for that.

What is she like to work with?

She's a warm spirit to be around. She’s a hard worker, easy to talk to, and fun. She is one who is always willing to ask how she can help. She takes initiative on projects, meets deadlines, and I know our team can always count on her to get the job done and done well.

How much do you think her work impacts the children and families we serve?

When you hear “Database Manager,” a lot of people are not sure what that entails but let me tell you – it’s a lot. I think a lot of times database managers are behind the scenes, and their work goes unnoticed by many. Scotland is the master behind the scenes, pulling our donors, creating lists to reach out to new prospects to get involved in Heartspring’s mission, working through our invitations to go out to guests to attend events, keeping us on track with our goals, and giving us the data to know how to become better at reaching out to even more people to get the word out about Heartspring and help even more families.

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